So, what does a voice over artist actually do?

 Sometimes, when people ask me what I do, I hesitate...


Ok, let's be honest, occasionally it's an inner sigh. But looking at some of the projects I've worked on this week, I have the answer!
Communicate, explain, relate, guide, share, inform, motivate, inspire, empathise & tell stories.

A little glimpse into the world of the voice over artist.....

Amongst other things, this week, I’ve: -

Communicated the delights of mashed potato. 

Explained how the employees of a bank can do things better - complete with wry humour. Fun!

Related a few of the ins & outs of GDPR.

Shared the workings of an EU project designed to reduce CO2 emissions.                                 

Spread the word about the joys of family bank holiday events

Recorded a very last minute project for a client in France with an incredibly tight deadline.

Explained how others can benefit from businesses galore. Everything from holiday companies to tractor manufacturers, dentists & industrial cleaners, solicitors, accountants, garages, etc.

Informed people of an array of special offers & opening & closing hours.

Explained the importance of safeguarding.


Plus, I've done a huge pile of admin', quoted for numerous projects, recorded & edited much of the above. Oh & had needles stuck into me for half an hour. You wouldn't believe how relaxed that makes you feel afterwards!

It's been a good week. I hope yours has been too. Let's hope the forecasters are right & that warm temperatures & sunshine will see of the Winter. Let's face it, it's outstayed its welcome!

Time to get outside, sniff the air, dig life & be more dog!



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