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I’d love you to join me on this magical flight through life. I’ll be sharing recommendations, snippets of wisdom and bits of work along the way.

Sometimes, when people ask me what I do, I hesitate…

Ok, let’s be honest, occasionally it’s an inner sigh. But looking at some of the projects I’ve worked on this week, I have the answer!
Communicate, explain, relate, guide, share, inform, motivate, inspire, empathise & tell stories.

A little glimpse into the world of the voice over artist…..

Amongst other things, this week, I’ve: –

Communicated the delights of mashed potato. 

Explained how the employees of a bank can do things better – complete with wry humour. Fun!

Related a few of the ins & outs of GDPR.

Shared the workings of an EU project designed to reduce CO2 emissions.                                 

Spread the word about the joys of family bank holiday events

Recorded a very last minute project for a client in France with an incredibly tight deadline.

Explained how others can benefit from businesses galore. Everything from holiday companies to tractor manufacturers, dentists & industrial cleaners, solicitors, accountants, garages, etc.

Informed people of an array of special offers & opening & closing hours.

Explained the importance of safeguarding.

Plus, I’ve done a huge pile of admin’, quoted for numerous projects, recorded & edited much of the above. Oh & had needles stuck into me for half an hour. You wouldn’t believe how relaxed that makes you feel afterwards!

It’s been a good week. I hope yours has been too. Let’s hope the forecasters are right & that warm temperatures & sunshine will see of the Winter. Let’s face it, it’s outstayed its welcome!

Time to get outside, sniff the air, dig life & be more dog!

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