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Do you work from home?

 A couple of weeks ago, Hugh Edwards of Gravy for the Brain and the One Voice Conference asked a question on a voice over forum. If you were to give a talk to voice overs, what would it be?
I replied ‘how to stay sane whilst talking to yourself in a padded cell!’ He laughed.
But I wasn’t entirely joking….

Many people work from home these days,  not just voice overs. It’s easy to become disconnected. So, it’s important to put structures & systems in place to keep a sense of perspective. Looking after your mental, physical & spiritual health is essential. After all, humans are social beasts – well, most are!

Some people stick to a rigid timetable – not as easy as it once was, with the advent of mobile technology. Others fit their work around their life, or their life around  work.

When you’re self-employed & have to find your own work, it’s easy to become consumed by it. But it has its perks. It’s environmentally friendly, there are no issues with traffic. You can choose to take a break, pop out for lunch with a friend. Or why not go to a class, or sit in the sun for an hour, just because that’s the only time it’s likely to make an appearance all week!

Company is good. I wouldn’t be without my furry, four-legged voiceover companion. She may not always want to go for a walk (“no thank you, I went yesterday”), but she’s great company & is happy to listen to me rabbiting on.

Animals are not daft. If you want to see two beautiful creatures who found the perfect solution for them, click here. I guarantee it’ll raise a smile.

Oh and if you fancy getting away from it all with your four legged friend, there’s lots of advice available from Your Dog Advisor right here

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