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Human beings have a deep-seated desire for connection.

When you meet someone for the first time and you instantly feel connected, it’s wonderful. The endorphins surge. This person understands me! They’re on my wavelength! We are part of the same tribe! It is a joy and a privilege. It feels like coming home.

Sometimes, I’m lucky enough to receive a script which moves me. I don’t just connect with the words on the page, but with the world and the emotions which surround them. It’s like opening a door to another world. I have the opportunity to draw on experiences and emotions which often remain locked away.

Tone, pitch and pace can convey just as much as words. You only need to watch a Pingu video to realise that! His babble may appear meaningless, but we understand exactly what is happening thanks to the pitch, tone and pace of the babble.

It may be a commercial for a holiday which inspires, an elearning course on the importance of safeguarding, a corporate video on the issue of climate change, a fun commercial for a cheeky new roll, or even something incredibly practical.

A few months ago, a friend messaged me. He’d been out on a resuscitation exercise with the Coastguard and they were using a defibrillator. “I know this is a bit left field. But is that your voice in the defibrillator?” “Yes it is!” I’d done the job a year or two ago. The script was instructional, clear and simple. But the project moved me. I knew just how important it was. I hadn’t thought of it for quite some time, so it was actually quite moving (not to mention a relief), to hear that the voice over did what it was meant to do and that the exercise had been a success!

If you’re thinking about using a voice over in order to connect with people, I’d love to hear from you!

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