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Ah, the humble telephone. Who cares about that?! A word in your shell-like…..

Have you ever ‘phoned a company, only to quickly replace the receiver after hearing a badly thought out, poorly delivered message? I know I have!  A simple on hold message can give your clients confidence in you, your company, your products and your brand.

My voice over day often begins with a pile of telephone on hold scripts for clients in the UK and beyond.
Like the classic simplicity of this beautiful old bakelite ‘phone, the on hold message is the perfect opportunity to establish your brand in the minds of your clients & to do a little bit of subtle advertising. A hotel offering a dreamy wedding venue; a firm of solicitors fighting for justice; or perhaps a travel company communicating a special offer to fly you to exotic locations.
Each message & every client is unique.As with all projects, I think carefully about the intended audience, the nature of the company or brand, & it’s my job to ensure the tone & style of my voice over is a perfect match.

It may seem like small, insignificant detail in the grand scheme of things, but an on-hold message is a word in the ears of your clients, so it’s worth taking the time to get it right, ensuring that it’s a true reflection of your company and its values..

On brand. On point. On message. Always.

(NB: You might like to know that a BT engineer kindly gave this telephone to my husband to play with when he was a little boy. Being a technical chap, he’s since refurbished it & it works beautifully! Oh & if you aren’t familiar with the phrase shell-like, it means ‘ear’ – here’s a little explanation )

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