The festive season starts early when you’re a voice over…

It's almost become a competition....

Who will voice the first Christmas script of the year? And just how early will it be? January? February? 

It's fairly safe to say that there's a little bit of Christmas all year round in the voice over booth! It's not just the traditional TV & radio commercials, it's also thousands upon thousands of telephone on hold messages, informing clients & customers of opening hours and closures closures. As well as wishing them the joys of the season, of course. Autumn is always particularly busy & November has been a bit nuts, hence my silence on the blog front. Not wishing to be left out, corporate and e-learning clients seem to sense there's something in the air and perhaps want to get projects completed before the end of the year.


I was saying to a producer only the other day, just as a friend of my is convinced there's an old lady who spins time in her attic, I think there's an old man who delights in playing with our schedules. I call him Neptune. He is master of the tides. "NOW!" he bellows, & producers from far and wide hurl hoards of scripts in tsunami-like fashionWhen he is bored of these antics, he orders them all to retreat, leaving us to wonder if they've all drowned, or been washed up on a desert island somewhere. But thankfully, there are always the ripples of regular clients and the tide never really goes out. It merely ebbs and flows.


After a particularly intense burst of corporate, e-learning and on-hold work a month or so ago, I decided it was time to play. As some of my friends call me 'Magical Sara' & the fabulous Nancy Wolfson insists my voice is magical (and created my branding accordingly), when better to exercise that inner sparkle? It's the most magical time of the year! So, I wrote a little festive script & had some fun in the booth. Starling's nest was a hive of activity, as the man of the house agreed to do the sound design for me (he is eminently well-qualified to do so). Of course, these days, it's all about video. So, in addition to an audio reel, we decided to download a bit of free software and some royalty-free images and put my festive reel to picture. I hope it makes you smile - happy Advent!





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