January blues? Time to put our heads together!

The shiny baubles & the twinkly lights have been put away for another year & you're making resolutions left right & centre about how you're going to make 2019 your own! Or perhaps you're not....

January can be a tricky month. It's dark, the festivities are over and in an era when we instant gratification is expected, we wake up to the realisation that many things just take hard work,time and patience.

I'm not one for New Year's resolutions, but every so often I shift my focus a little. Inspired by a grumbling back (yes, backache can be inspiring!), I'm altering the way I work slightly. Wherever possible, I'm working in focused bursts and taking more breaks. Good for the back, good for the brain and great for concentration. Of course we know we should be taking regular screen breaks etc etc, but it's so easy to become embroiled in things. I'm always saying to myself "I'll just finish this....." But then of course something else plops into my inbox, or I remember an invoice that needs chasing and so it goes on. This subtly different approach will take discipline. But that's ok, because I'm a very disciplined person - you have to be when you're self-employed.

The other thing that I'm doing this year, is something that's long overdue and that is getting those who work in this industry to think about their health. This month, my very close friend and colleague, Gayanne Potter and I will be running a webinar for Gravy for the Brain entitled "Where's Your Head At?" I've recorded lots of scripts about mindfulness, mental health, well-being in the workplace etc and I thought it was about time that lid was lifted within the voice over world. So we'll be talking about strategies to help with the unique and slightly strange way in which we work - ie alone in a small box talking to ourselves for days on end. How to create structure, boundaries, balance and breathe through those anxieties that are a part of this peculiar life. We've both been working in this industry for a long time, so we'll be sharing some resources that may prove helpful. Do you have a Lumie lamp? Have you heard of square breathing? Want to find out more? Join us and Gravy for the Brain on 22nd January at 3.30pm . Otherwise, we'll just be talking to ourselves again!


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