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Does it help to know what the person you’re working with looks like, to see the face behind the voice?

This debate continues amongst the voice over community. After all, you’re hiring a voice, not a face! If you see the face behind the voice, will it alter your perceptions, will you subconsciously cast that voice based on their face, rather than their voice?

The beauty of listening, is that you can conjure up pictures of your own, which may be totally different to reality.

I often joke that I change my costume (and my face) according to the script I’m reading. A white coat and a gentle face for a medical script, polka dots, Alice band and huge grin for a script promising family fun, or stockings for a softer, more intimate delivery. If you remember the TV animation Mr Benn, that’s exactly what I’m talking about.

The voice over booth is a magical place, filled with potential. The atmosphere and the decor changes in my mind’s eye according to the mood of the piece I’m voicing – and my expressions do, too!

In a world where social media dominates, it’s nigh on impossible to remain faceless. But for me as a voice over, it’s important that my voice speaks more loudly than my face. After all, it’s my voice that will be representing your brand. And the awards I’ve won are all for my voicing, not my gurning!

However, today, I have decided to trust that you’re wise enough to see beyond the pictures and trust that your listening skills are honed to perfection.

So, this is a bit of fun. A friend had baked & decorated the most beautiful cake. I told her it made me want to dance and sing like Doris Day! She, of course, told me to “Do it! And take photos!” Well, what’s a girl to do, eh……?!

The face of Sara Starling voice over

And now, discard the images and take a listen to the reels and the many videos available on my website.

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