Ten minutes of relaxation.

As I sit here typing, the world is a very different place to the one we were living in just a few months ago. As the saying goes, the only certainty in life is change. Change can be refreshing, inspiring, invigorating. But change can be challenging, too. And when that change involves defying the most natural human need in the world - the need for human contact - it's tougher still. Relaxation can fly out of the window at times like this.


So, in this strange new landscape of Covid-19, it's really important that we look after not just our physical health, but our mental health, too. 

Ten minutes of relaxation.

I've been meditating for some years now & have attended courses in mindfulness,  meditation & autogenics. I always enjoy the relaxation at the end of a yoga class & practice yoga daily, thanks to the wonderful Helen Roscoe

I was sitting at my pc editing recently, wondering what I could offer the world, what one small thing I could do that might help even one person to deal with the essential isolation we're living through. The nudge came from a friend who asked if I might be willing to record a relaxation session for the charity Sibs of which she is CEO. Of course I said yes, without so much as drawing breath. We are currently working on this.  Just two minutes of time out of your own head can make a difference to your day.  But I also thought I could do the same thing for anyone who needed it. So, I gathered my thoughts, tapped away and headed into the booth. Is this silly, I wondered? 

But yesterday, I had a wobble, as the severity of the situation descended upon me like a ton of bricks & my ability to stay in the moment was seriously challenged.  These wobbles are to be expected. Not just because our world has changed so suddenly & so radically, but because we're not used to stopping! And I think we're grieving, too. In our crazy lives, we're used to living at breakneck speed, adrenaline coursing through our veins. And sometimes when we stop suddenly, the body can experience shock. This is something I learnt when, some years ago, I attended a course on Autogenic training. I will be revisiting what I learnt over the coming weeks, because naturally, as my head filled with the stuff of life, I've forgotten some of the things I learnt.

So, in the hopes that this may be helpful to you at some point over the coming days, weeks & months, here's a short, 10 minute relaxation, the sort of thing I do on a regular basis. I'm not a teacher, or a psychologist, I'm a voiceover artist who enjoys & has experience in using these techniques and simply wants to share and make even the tiniest difference. If there's an appetite for it, I may record more in time.


Thank you for reading, thank you for listening & I wish you & your loved ones well. Stay safe and look after each other.


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