Voicing through lockdown

 I'm one of the lucky ones. I've been voicing safely & remotely from my own studio since 2006. I've been able to continue doing so, ensuring clients & brands are able to keep communicating effectively.

I do hope this Blog finds you well and in good spirits. We've all been scrambling to keep up and find some semblance of normality in this new landscape, so I haven't written anything for a while. But I thought it was about time I set some time aside for a little catch-up between voicing scripts

Genres have come in waves. First it was an avalanche of on hold messages, as clients scrambled to update callers on business activity (or lack of). Then came the medical scripts, some Covid related, others not. Corporate and e-learning projects have continued throughout. Oh and a lovely little project to voice the part of Madam Dragon for Zog landed. This will form part of an exhibition in the near future & was an unexpected delight! Tv & radio commercials took a nose dive, but they're beginning to creep back now, which is reassuring. 

Celebrate their life. Girl looking out to sea

I've also had the pleasure and the privilege of contributing to an incredibly important project created by the lovely Sarah Hodgetts - Videos for Distant Memorials. During lockdown & the ongoing period of social distancing, many people have been unable to say goodbye to loved ones (myself included). As I type, the number of attendees at funerals strictly limited. So, with a team of volunteer  filmmakers and creatives, Sarah created this wonderful project. An opportunity for people to mark and celebrate the life of those they've lost through video. The service is completely free, so if this would be helpful for you or someone you know, do get in touch with the team.

The work that I do is all about human connection and that connection has become more important than ever for us all during this period. There's a renewed sense of community and concern for one another. People are collaborating and helping one another in new & unexpected ways. An appreciation of the natural world has been palpable as roads & streets are quieter and the air cleaner than it's been for years, much to the studio dog's delight!

Connections with clients old and new have become stronger, deeper & more fundamental. During one remote voice over session, when the engineer, producer and I were chatting through the project, I could hear birdsong... "Ah, my kitchen window's open!" replied the producer. I loved that little glimpse into her world and the world beyond.

Having urged one another to take breaks from our screens, we've become glued to them. A vital form social contact, not just work or aimless scrolling. Though I think it's important to control the tech' and not allow it to control you. Even though life is restricted, it's important that we remain rooted & grounded in full 3D reality.

It's also important to be able to escape. For me, that escape has come in the form of yoga,catching up with the immaculate production The Crown, and some excellent podcasts.

BBC Media City UK

It's strange to think that this time last year, I was in Media City. Called back to the BBC, I was guiding & directing Sue Mitchell through presenting the incredible podcast series Girl Taken. Working with Sue & my old friend and colleague Richard Hannaford was a joy. I'm so glad the series was completed the series before Covid hit, what a treat to be able to listen to it in its entirety. So much work went into that series, I'm delighted that it received the rave reviews it deserved. On a personal note, I was particularly pleased to read this line in The Guardian . Whilst it was referring to another podcast (The Immaculate Deception), it compliments Sue's presentation: "We are led through the story by writer Jenny Kleeman, who, like Mitchell in Girl Taken, is an excellent, careful presenter." My work with Sue had not only been a pleasure, but it had done the story justice and that's exactly what we'd set out to achieve. If you haven't yet listened, do. I know I'm biased, but it really is excellent and it's a very worthwhile distraction from all things Corona!

Thank you for reading and if I can help you with anything, please do get in touch. In the meantime, stay well, stay creative and stay alert!


Sara Starling with Posie the studio dog




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