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Every voice over artist comes with additional skills, collaboration will ensure they’re utilised to your advantage.

A little while ago, I published a blog full of tips for getting the most out of a session with your voice over artist. You’ll find it here

I like to ensure that working with me is as as simple as can be, but I also want to add value where appropriate, too, so I’d like to focus on point number 9. Working as a team will bring out the best in your voice over artist. If something isn’t working as you’d hoped, there may be a good reason why. If you aren’t sure what the issue is, your vo can probably help! If they feel at ease & you’re responsive, they’ll be more comfortable about making suggestions.

I’ve been working with scripts for over 30 years. I work with clients from all over the world. Sometimes those scripts are brilliant & send shivers down my spine. Occasionally the translation isn’t quite right for the spoken word & in those instances, I’ll offer suggested changes in order to help the script to flow. It may be that the script is too long for the slot, in which case a bit of judicious editing may be required. Or even something simple as the date being incorrect. It may also be that the way something is written doesn’t read as intended when spoken aloud. Whatever the issue, your voice over artist is an additional pair of eyes for you.

Second pair of eyes

Occasionally, an unusual project lands & we need to think about the most effective working methodologies. The good news is, that with experience across TV & Radio working on both sides of the mic’, I might just be able to offer a new angle. If not, chances are I know someone who can help.

Maybe your project requires multiple voices? Simple, I’m always happy to recommend colleagues.

So, a collaborative approach really can bring out the best in people. Feeling an important & valued part of a team often spurs people on to give that little bit extra, however small that part may be.

Over the last month, I’ve done all of the above. Recommended colleagues, corrected & edited scripts suggested working methodologies etc. Oh & written a bit of lockdown poetry, too!

Book an experienced voice over artist & enjoy the added value that they bring to your project. Not just in terms of the nuances & life experience they inject into the read, but all the peripherals, too. I want every client to leave our session (or listen to a recording I send them) with a smile, knowing that together, we’ve created something special.

My work is all about human connection & that golden thread really can make all the difference. If you’d like to work with me, just fill in the contact form & let’s talk!

(Photo credit: Charles Deluvio)

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