A heartfelt festive thank you from the voiceover booth.

As this most extraordinary of years draws to a close and the days begin to lengthen once more, I just wanted to stop for a moment to say thank you.

To you, my lovely clients, thank you. It's been a joy, a pleasure and a privilege to work with you across so many different genres for brands including Astra Zeneca, the BBC, PepsiCo, Ocado, Pfizer, the Federation of Small Businesses & Mary Berry, to name just a few! I've even been Madam Dragon this year for a little animation at an exhibition - what a treat!

Festive thank you clients from Sara starling 

Your scripts, your energy, your company in sessions or via email, helped to keep me sane during this crazy year. I'm passionate about the work I do for you, and the voiceover booth is my second home, my sanctuary, my Tardis. To be able to retreat into that little cell is like walking through the wardrobe & into Narnia and I've appreciated it more than ever this year. 

Working with you also means that I've been able to support several charities this year and this Christmas, I can, once again, support The Wellspring  - a local charity which supports those who are homeless or disadvantaged.  Thank you. 

festive thank you clients and colleagues

2020 also brought with it the opportunity to connect and  collaborate with some fabulous people; to undertake  projects to support local businesses, people grieving during lockdown, those in need of a little relaxation, and small start-ups. It also brought the opportunity to co-host a wonderful networking event. Where would we be without Zoom, eh?! Thank you to all of you, I'm so glad we 'met' each other this year.


Festive thank you clients and colleagues from sara starling voiceoverTo you wonderful people who were kind enough to  contribute to my blogs this year - thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience so freely.


To the fabulous family, friends, colleagues, who've cheered me on &  supported me both personally and professionally - thank you for keeping this little bird flying. Your company, both real and virtual, the yoga and the many walks I've enjoyed with you (and on my lonesome too), have made all the difference.


All of the above, is why I chose to spend a little extra time in the  booth to write & voice a little audio Christmas card for you (with sound design & mix by my lovely husband on a rare day off from the BBC).

I hope it makes you smile as much as you've made me smile during 2020, despite all the challenges this extraordinary year has brought us.

I wish you a healthy, happy, peaceful Christmas. I know it may not be the Christmas you'd like it to be, but I hope it brings you some comfort, rest, relaxation and a little time to recharge your batteries. May we all remain hopeful, for to hope is human. And despite everything, the world is still a magical place.

Merry Christmas from Sara Starling voiceover





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