From monochrome to colour, finding joy during lockdown.

As I sit here typing, the world has been transformed by a blanket of snow, into a soft, gentle, quiet monochrome. An apt literal representation of how, during lockdown, it can feel as though the colour has been sapped from our world. But there are ways of finding joy during lockdown...


Finding joy during lockdown - monochrome world snowy hills and fields-by Sara Starling voiceover


With the stripping back of layers, comes focus. And when you truly focus, you begin to unearth treasures.


The beauty of the branches, the stand-out song of a loan bird, the crunch of snow underfoot, the whip of the wind across your face, and the liberation that comes from walking in a snowstorm, - head-back, joyful laughter as the flakes hit your tongue. Where once there were muddy puddles,  now lie miniature lakes, glistening with ice.


For the first time in years, I have truly embraced winter. Finding joy during lockdown - snowy canal walk by Sara Starling voiceoverI have walked for miles & miles, on my own & sometimes with a willing companion. The conversations we have are deeper, they flow, the topics are wide and varied. We feel connected to each other, the human experience and to the ground beneath our feet. Where once there was SAD (seasonal affective disorder), now there is joy in the coldest of seasons & the shortest of days.


When choice is stripped away, we begin to truly appreciate the beauty that has been staring is in the face all along. The landscape, the people with whom we share our life, the power of words and the deep connection that comes from shared experience.


There is a natural extension into the voiceover booth.  A small, padded room, seemingly grey and disconnected. Yet step inside, gather up a flurry of carefully chosen words & oh the colours we paint! The shapes, the movement, the feelings we inspire! The deep connections we enable.


Finding joy during lockdown-tracks by Sara Starling voicoverAnd as we paint, there is the occasional, unexpected joy of noises off. The appearance of a little person requesting paper, a cuddle.... the whisking of a cake in a client's kitchen, a little trill of birdsong through a distant window. 


We are remembering that we are all just human beings, doing our best.


Such jewels are to be treasured, polished, and carried forward with us when restrictions begin to ease and the colour returns to our world.


And yet, in truth? Even on the greyest of days, there are still the deepest, most beautiful of colours to be found, if only we open our eyes. 


If I can help you to forge connections, add a little vocal colour to your words, transport, motivate and inspire your audience, please don't hesitate to get in touch & I'll be delighted to help build bridges!


Finding joy during lockdown - snowy aqueduct by Sara Starling voiceover



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