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When was the last time you really had to think about saying your own name out loud? Perhaps you’ve never given too much thought to the power of the human voice, or that of your own voice?

Maybe this little story will help you to appreciate it all the more.

On a recent trip into Manchester, I was sitting outside a cafe with a friend, deep in conversation about life, the universe & everything. It was sunny and bustling with people, not an empty table in sight. A mature gent walked slowly & quietly to stand in front of all the tables. He raised his voice & said slightly falteringly & with great concentration…

“Excuse me, but I’m at the speech & language school & I’ve been tasked with saying my name to 100 people today…”

And he duly introduced himself. We all listened with immense respect, you could have heard a pin drop! The silence was followed by spontaneous applause. We were all stunned by this public act of courage and I have to confess, there were tears rolling down my cheeks. I really hope he felt empowered having been truly heard.

The power of this man’s inner & outer voice was not lost on me.

Not least because I recall my own journey two decades ago, when I lost my voice for three months after a virus. Not great when you’re a TV announcer! When the speech therapist coaxed it back, she tasked me with picking up the phone and talking to total strangers. I remember feeling incredibly nervous about it, but I did it nevertheless. I’m also very thankful that I never lost my voice again!

Sometimes life makes us feel small inside. People, traumas, old beliefs & habits. Faulty wiring can create blocks. And we humans are pretty good at getting in our own way, too, as a friend & colleague & I were musing just the other day! But when we dare to step out of our comfort zones, we are as grand and majestic as this beautiful building.

Power of the human voice - the majestic Central Library in Manchester

Why am I telling you all this?

Not only is it a moving story, but it’s also a reminder that the human voice has the power to turn heads. And that’s why I’m so passionate about making sure your voice is heard – it matters. If you’re curious, you can hear demos from a whole range of genres here.

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