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It’s all Jeff Eaker’s fault. (If you’ve read my blogs over the last few months, you’ll know he’s a fabulous US copywriter.)

He wrote a brilliant script.

Well, how could this voice over possible resist A Horrible Mistake?

We all make ’em, after all.

What are you talking about little bird?

I bet you’ve made this mistake too.

Watch to the end and tell me you haven’t.


Why, you ask? Why?

Because the writing of Jeff Eaker is always gonna whisk you away on a journey worth taking.

And this one’s epic!

There are lions, falling pianos & power lines, angry mobs and broken dreams…

Go on, I dare you.

I promise, that if you do, it won’t be A Horrible Mistake.

You won’t regret a single second.

(With thanks to my lovely husband Leon Ford for the brilliant sound design. And in case you were wondering, there was no direction, we each just did our thing!)

If you can’t get enough of Jeff’s writing, hop over to his website & enter his Kingdom of Failure!

We’ve collaborated before, he and I. To find out how it all started, hop over to this blog. If you enjoy that, you’ll find our second collaboration here and in Jeff’s Kingdom of course.

If after listening you fancy working with me, this little bird would be delighted to hear from you. You’ll find all the usual demos right here and more information on services, too.

I’m ready when you are!

And I’ll be on it like a whippet with a ball on the beach.

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