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Meet Ben Ellis, writer of Life’s a Gas and more.

Wordsmith, creator of graphics & slave to the outrageously handsome dog, Bertie, I thought it was about time I introduced you to the lovely Ben Ellis, writer of Life’s a Gas & a raft other projects. He is a man of many talents! And he never fails to make me…

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The birth of a podcast: Life’s a Gas.

“A podcast? But there are so many of them!” That’s what I said to the lovely Helen Roscoe when she urged me to create one. “You could just read stories!” she said.  In fairness, a troop of people have been begging me to read bedtime stories & meditations for some…

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Voiceover work & human connection in practice – a case study.

There are two things that you will hear me talk about often, the first is how my voiceover work is all about human connection and the second is that it’s never ‘just talking’. So, I thought I’d give you a behind the scenes peek into one specific project & client…

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The perfect radio commercial voice, cracking creative & spectacular sound – sorted! Part 1.

Why advertise on the radio?
“You can create extraordinary cinematic experiences on a shoestring. You can drop a cherry from a spacecraft into a lake of boiling chocolate.” Gerry Farrell.

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So, who the heck is this voice over bird?

I’ve been writing these little blogs for a few years now & my Welcome blog is buried under a pile of words! So, if we haven’t worked together before – or if we have – & you wonder how on earth I became a murmurating Starling, you’ll find it right…

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A sense of direction.

So, the script is written. The style is obvious, no direction needed. Right? In theory, yes, you’re correct. Often it is obvious to an experienced voice over artist. But – & it’s a fairly big but – there may be things going on in your head & the way you’re…

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In praise of the humble explainer video

When companies want to communicate information simply & succinctly, they often opt for an explainer video. I voice a lot of explainer animations for all sorts of clients & they come in many different shapes & sizes! But where did they come from? It seems that it may have started…

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Your voice over artist is your ally!

Every voice over artist comes with additional skills, collaboration will ensure they’re utilised to your advantage. A little while ago, I published a blog full of tips for getting the most out of a session with your voice over artist. You’ll find it here I like to ensure that working…

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