• July 29, 2021
  • By Sara
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Voice over artist turned commentator.

 As a voice over artist, It's not often that I'm asked to commentate on a duck race...

voice over artist turned commentator- duck face by biel morroAnd I certainly didn't expect this request from my accountant! "A ludicrous request, but I thought it worth asking… if I were to provide you with a commentary script for a max 5 minute video of a duck race, would you narrate it?" Well, I'm no stranger to sport, after all those years at the BBC, so this voice over artist said yes to climbing into the commentary box!


Well how could I possibly resist?!

The race was organised by the PTA of a local school to raise smiles after all the trials brought by the pandemic - and to raise funds, too. The ducks were all sponsored by local businesses & had the most fantastic names. The children made flags & decided which duck they were going to support & the video was streamed live into the classrooms (& homes of those isolating) at the end of term. The kids went wild! And together, we raised around £1000!

You can enjoy two minutes of glorious Quacky Races highlights, here! 

Or the full ten minutes, here...

It's always a joy to do something that puts smiles on faces and to bring the local community together.

Of course, if you'd like to listen to my official voice over reels, you'll find them here! 

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