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A new drug? A piece of cutting-edge equipment? Revolutionary new systems and devices? This genre often requires complex medical & technical narration. Information that need to be communicated clearly & effectively to peers, clients, consumers, medics and patients alike.

So, if you’re seeking a voice over who’s unfazed by seemingly impenetrable medical & technical terms, is great at sight-reading, and never forgets that they’re sharing this information with real human beings, relax! I’ve been voicing projects of this nature for years.

As a former BBC newsreader, my sight-reading skills have pretty solid foundations. (If only I could recall all of the information I narrate, I’d win every pub quiz going!)

Medical Voiceover Showreel

Medical Voice Over Videos

Some of my medical voice over clients

Sara was a delight to work with. From the first moment when we discussed the brief she was able to adapt to the specific parameters of our project and deliver high-quality, professionally produced voicework whilst also turning in a great performance that required her to hit very specific timings. She was conscientious throughout, and went above and beyond to ensure fast turnarounds. I will certainly to look to engage Sara again in the future.

Rob Myles, Director

Award Winning Voice Over Actor

Medical & Technical Narration Voice Over FAQs

What is medical narration?

Medical narration is a specialist voice-over genre that delivers information related to healthcare, medical and pharma content. It involves narrating scripts for pharmaceutical videos, training materials, e-learning modules, medical documentaries, and other healthcare-related projects.

What is the main purpose of narration?

The main purpose of narration in this sphere, is to communicate complex information clearly and effectively. It’s important the voice over artist conveys the script details in a way that’s accessible and easily understood by both healthcare professionals and the general public. Medical narration is commonly used in pharmaceutical videos, training materials, e-learning modules, and medical documentaries. It’s used to facilitate learning, enhance comprehension, and ensure accurate dissemination of information in the healthcare sector for professionals and patients.

Why do businesses need technical narration artists?

Skilled professionals bring clarity to complex technical content, instiling a sense of professionalism and authority. They enhance training and education materials by simplifying intricate concepts in an engaging way. Technical narration is particularly valuable for product demonstrations, manuals, and industries with strict compliance requirements. It helps ensure accurate communication of guidelines and safety measures and can help reach a global audience, whilst contributing to brand consistency. Technical narration is instrumental in marketing and sales efforts, enabling businesses to communicate intricate product features and specifications effectively. Ultimately? It improves the overall understanding and engagement of the target audience.

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