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Warm, friendly

This is a style that keeps clients coming back again and again. Simple, effective and versatile enough for everything from explainer videos through to radio and tv commercials, product videos, e-learning and more.

Warm & friendly voice over demo reel

Inspirational, engaging, motivational

Want to inspire your audience? Make your employees feel like a part of the team? Nudge people into booking that longed-for holiday? Together, we’ll make sure they’re engaged from the first word to the last, ending on a high, so they’re left feeling motivated to take the next step.

Inspirational voice over demo reel

Conversational, natural, casual

Whether it’s a corporate video, a TV or radio commercial or an e-learning course, that natural, conversational style is always useful. Fancy a chat?

Conversational voice over demo reel


Lure your audience in with deep tones. Add slight edge or a hint of sparkle and in a flash, they’re driving that sophisticated car or booking an appointment to view that compelling new series, be it drama, current affairs, or natural history…

Deep voice over demo reel


Whether it’s straight down the line, curious, or upbeat, instilling confidence in your brand, product or service, matters. An assured, confident voiceover instilled with inclusivity does some of the heavy lifting for you.

Confident voice over demo reel

Fun, fresh, positive

Who doesn’t love a bit of cheeky humour, a natural sparkle? As a director said to me recently “you have such a fabulous sound, it makes me happy whenever I hear it!” So, be it a fun TV commercial, a fabulous new comedy, a kids’ tv series, or some brand new imaging, let’s help to warm those cockles!

Fun voice over demo reel


Fancy exploring a topic in a slightly different way? Perhaps this eclectic selection of modern styles will provide a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

Modern voice over demo reel


In this crazy world of ours, we’re bombarded with information and sound bites. So, slowing down the pace a little and engaging with a more relaxed tone can help you to stand out and reassure your audience that you’re so good, you just don’t need to battle for their attention.

Relaxed voice over demo reel

Upbeat, energetic, magical

Energy doesn’t always equal volume. It can be instilled into a soft, sparkling tone or a faster pace, depending on how you want your audience to feel. And if you’re after magical? Well, I’m your bird! It all comes down to intention. So, how would you like your audience to feel?

Upbeat voice over demo reel

Emotive, thought-provoking

Draw your audience in with the power of emotive, thought-provoking story-telling. This doesn’t just come from the words, but from the emotions injected into them by the voice-over. Like a musical score, it can move people and linger in the memory, nudging them to take action. This demo (complete with Scottish accent) comes from a campaign video that you’ll find on my corporate page


Emotive voice over demo reel

NB: Sara Starling does not consent to her creations, performances, voices and likeness being recorded, used and or reproduced, in any manner or form, for the purposes of digitisation, synthetisation or digital cloning with digital technologies, machine learning systems or equivalent technology present and future

“Sara is, without doubt, one of my favourite voice talents to work with. Effortlessly brilliant reads every time makes my job a whole lot easier – but working with Sara goes well beyond that. She is genuinely one of the most supportive, friendly people that I have the pleasure to work with. Sara is superb.”

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