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Studio setup

  • VocalBooth
  • Microphone: Neumann TLM 103
  • Mic pre-amp/processor: Focusrite Platinum
  • USB Interface: Scarlett 2i2 (2nd gen)
  • DAW: Adobe Audition 2022
  • ShuttlePRO2
  • PC: Quiet PC – Silent, fanless, British, bespoke.
  • Speakers: Rogers LS35A
  • Headphones: Beyer DT150
  • Live voice over sessions using Source Connect Standard – sarastarling_vo
  • Cleanfeed, Source Connect Now.
  • I can also connect via ipDTL/ISDN & Session Link Pro
  • You can provide voice direction via any of the above, or:
  • Skype– sara_speaking
  • Telephone, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet.

Concerned about sustainability?

Here are some fun facts:

  • My voice over booth used to be the news booth for KCFM
  • The acoustic panels from my previous vocal booth have been re-purposed to provide acoustic treatment in my editing area.
  • Mic pre-amp, speakers and ShuttlePRO2 had previous owners who had barely used them – they’re now being put to excellent use!
  • Scripts are never printed, they’re read from an iPad Pro & marked up using the Notability app.
  • Thanks to speedy load times & environmentally friendly hosting, this website is doing its bit, too!

A fantastic voice over and a lovely person to work with! Sara’s audio is consistently high quality, clean and clear. Always with a super fast turnaround time! Would highly recommend.

Katy Stephenson PHMG

Let’s work together

Need a free brief bespoke demo? Happy to help! I like to make your life as easy as possible, it’s never ‘just talking’.

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