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Elevate your message with a professional corporate voice over

Corporate communications don’t need to be boring. In fact, when you’re trying to inspire staff to get on board with company aims, rallying people to your sustainability mission, or communicating with partners about a new product or service, boring is the last thing you want!

Yes, you want to get the facts across. But if you want people to listen to and remember your message, you need to connect with them on a human level. And that means telling your story with emotion. Why? Because people will always remember how you made them feel.

As an award-winning British female corporate voice over artist with 30 years’ experience, I’ve helped countless major brands, businesses, charities, start-ups, governments, NGOs and education providers to deliver impactful and memorable corporate messages. Based in the UK, my roster of clients includes big-name international brands like Ericsson, Virgin, Volvo and the BBC. And while every message has been different, my ethos is always the same: to work with empathy and authenticity to communicate your message in the best possible way.

So, whether you need a corporate voice over that calms and reassures, a vo that’s passionate and dynamic, one that’s conversational, or perhaps more formal, maybe even an accent, I’m a corporate voice over pro who can deliver your message the right way, every time.

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Some of my corporate voice over clients

Simply incredible, and so easy to work with! We were looking for a Voice over artist, and Sara came highly recommended – now we know why!

Scott Bordoni, Sync

Award Winning Voice Over Actor

Corporate Voice Over FAQs

How much does a corporate voice over cost in the UK?

The cost of a corporate voice-over in the UK varies based on factors like project scope, usage, and the voice artist’s experience. Basic session fees (BSF) vary, but £200-£300 for around 10 minutes of recorded and edited audio for internal company use only is commonplace. Please contact me for an accurate quote.

What is a Corporate voice over?

A corporate voice-over is narration used in business-related content. It may be material for internal or external company use. This type of voice-over is commonly employed in corporate videos, brand videos, presentations, and training materials including e-learning, to enhance brand communication and maintain a relatable, business-appropriate image.

What is the meaning of corporate voice?

Corporate voice refers to the distinctive and professional tone used in audio content related to business communication. It’s characterized by clarity, expertise, authority, and either a polished delivery, or a professional, relatable delivery. It’s suitable for corporate videos, presentations, explainer animations and other business-related materials.

What is an example of a corporate voice?

You’ll find plenty of examples on the corporate voice over section of my website. But in a nutshell, it’s a clear, professional, authentic and trustworthy sounding voice, primarily used for corporate and business communications

What is the difference between narration and voice over?

Narration tells a story or provides commentary, while voice over is a broader term encompassing any spoken content accompanying visuals or other audio. In essence, all narrations are voice-overs, but not all voice-overs are narrations.

What is corporate narration?

Corporate narration is a voice-over style used in business content, featuring a clear and professional tone. It is commonly used in corporate videos, presentations, and training materials to convey information about the company and its work. It may be conversational, or more formal.

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