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Listen to my promo voice over showreel

Need a voice over for a TV promo campaign, a cross promotion or a radio promotion? Look no further.

Maintaining your channel branding whilst also capturing the mood of the programme comes naturally to this little bird after so many years voicing for TV & Radio presentation departments.

From warm, friendly lifestyle reads, to crime, character, drama, nature, fun-filled kids’ promos, factual and hard news, together we can promote your programmes in style, keeping everything on brand and your audience on board.

Promo Voiceover Showreel

Promo Voice Over Video

Some of my commercial promo voice over clients

Award Winning Voice Over Actor

I love nothing more than working with a great director! This stuff is all about team work, and when you want to push boundaries it’s much more fun and effective to do it together. But if you’re time poor, fret not, I’m equally happy to record without it. In fact, my VOX Award for Best Female Voice Over & my One Voice Award for Overall Best E-Learning Voice Over Performance, were for self-directed recordings.

Promo Voice Over FAQs

What is a Promo Voice Over?

A promo voice over is a dynamic and compelling narration style used in promotional content across various media, typically television promos and radio promos, movie trailers, event promotions, and marketing campaigns. A professional promo voice artist captivates audiences, creating excitement, curiosity and driving engagement. The goal is to grab attention, build anticipation, and leave a memorable impression on the audience so they make an appointment to view or listen.

What are the benefits of using a professional voice artist for a Promo video?

A professional voice artist knows how to deliver the script in a way that infuses energy and emotion into the narration to draw in the target audience and create a lasting impact.

What is the difference between a promo and a commercial voiceover?

The main difference between a promo and a commercial voiceover comes down to its purpose. A promo voiceover is designed to promote and generate excitement for a specific TV or radio programme, a film, event, or product. It aims to create anticipation and drive engagement through story telling. A commercial voiceover focuses on promoting and selling products, services, or brands.  Both serve promotional purposes, but a promo is specifically tailored for short-term impact, while a commercial may have a more long-term commercial focus.

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