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Listen to my Northern accent
and comedy character voice over showreels

Accents and character voice requirements are creeping into all sorts of genres, aside from the obvious animation, radio drama, audio book & gaming genres to e-learning and corporates. In fact, you’ll find a video for a charity in a very specific Scottish accent on my corporate page.

Whether you’re using them for a seasonal TV or radio commercial campaign, storytelling, e-learning, a medical explainer, or drawing people into an exhibition or museum, I come furnished with a drama degree. So, if it’s an accent or a character you need, let’s inject a little something extra!

Oh and to return to the more obvious home of characters, animation, you’ll find this little bird popping up as Pax the Panda in series 3 of Obki on Sky Kids.

Northern Accent Voiceover Showreel
Character Voiceover Showreel

Listen to my Christmas and festive voice over showreels

When people keep telling you your voice sounds magical, when better to make use of that quality than at Christmas? From Christmas commercials, Christmas stories and end of year company and corporate reviews.

But there’s more. Because every year, this little bird writes a daft script and voices a whole host of characters to put you in the Christmas spirit. A little audio Christmas card to say thank you for your support.

Take a listen and if they fail to make you smile, email me and I’ll eat one of my feathers!

Christmas Character Voiceover Showreel 2023
Christmas Character Voiceover Showreel 2022
Christmas Character Voiceover Showreel 2021
Christmas Character Voiceover Showreel 2020

Some of my character voice over clients

Her voice worked magic for our character and really made it come alive. As if this didn’t please enough already, in addition the quality of her voice clips in respect to sound quality and technical execution were top notch and we didn’t have to make any alterations to her files. A true professional in her field and I would love to work with her again some day.

Andrea Fryer, Digital Chocolate

Award Winning Voice Over Actor

Character & Accent Voice Over FAQs

What is a character voice over?

A character voiceover is the use of a distinct vocal performance to portray fictional or animated characters in animation, video games, audiobooks, radio drama and even commercials, corporate and e-learning work. Character voice actors bring characters to life by embodying their personalities, emotions, and traits solely through their voice alone, though it can be quite a physical process! It may also involve the use of different accents.

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