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Commercial Voice Over

From dreamy, through cup of cocoa reassurance, to deeply earthy, could this little bird be the voice of your brand? TV and Radio commercials, in-store and online advertising campaigns, Spotify and more – I voice across all platforms.

Corporate Voice Over

Need to deliver effective B2B or B2C communications? Rally your staff, pass on vital information, or simply tell the world about your brilliant brand? Choosing the right voice for your corporate video or project can make all the difference – I’d love to help.

E-Learning Voice Over

Vital information is often communicated via e-learning, so hiring the right voice for the job is essential – you don’t want your employees nodding off during a health & safety video! Trusted by companies worldwide, clients return again and again.

Explainer video Voice Over

One or two precious minutes to explain who, why and most importantly, how? There are no seconds to waste! Animated explainers are useful, flexible & powerful & they require careful crafting. Perhaps that’s why I voice a lot of them! Shall we…?

Medical & technical narration

Need to tell the world about a new drug, a piece of cutting-edge equipment, revolutionary new systems and devices? This genre often brings complex medical & technical terms, but you can relax, you’re in safe, experienced hands.

Telephone IVR on hold Voice Over

You spend a fortune creating your brand, so why throw it away? Your on hold voice speaks directly to your clients on a regular basis. Together, we can ensure those precious clients stay on the line.

Accents & Character Voice Actor

Need a specific accent, or a character voice for a radio commercial, an animation, museum guide, e-learning project TV advert, podcast, or even an IVR or on-hold message? Let’s get cracking! Why should drama, audio book & gaming genres have all the fun?!

Promo Voice Over

Want to promote a fabulous new TV series, capturing the mood and taking your audience with you – all whilst staying on brand & on point? Of course you do! TV promo, radio promo or cross promo, there’s not a second to waste, so let’s get to it.

Radio Imaging S&P Voice Over

Whether you’re refreshing the branding for your radio station, creating an identity for your podcast, or promoting your fabulous programme content, a unique voice that truly connects with your audience is what you need. Authenticity all the way – accept no imitations!

Simply incredible, and so easy to work with! We were looking for a Voice over artist, and Sara came highly recommended – now we know why!

Scott Bordoni, Sync

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