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Listen to my explainer video voice over showreel

When you only have one or two precious minutes to explain who, why and most importantly how, there are no seconds to waste!

Explainer videos are useful, flexible and powerful. They’re also an art form, every note must be pitch perfect. Trust me, I voice a lot of them for clients including Lloyds Bank, Nutrigums & ING!

Scripts for animated explainer videos land in my inbox on a regular basis across all sectors, from medical and pharma, to energy, finance, food and fashion.

Whatever the style, formal or powerful, relaxed conversational or character, the possibilities are endless! That’s why I love crafting voice overs for them.

Hear all my demos here.

Explainer Video Voiceover Showreel

Explainer AnimationVoice Over Videos

Some of my explainer video voice over clients

Every time she has delivered on the brief, above and beyond our expectations. This is why our clients choose her voice and why we keep recommending Sara and will continue to do so in the future!

Dave Morgan, Tiny Wizard Studio

Award Winning Voice Over Actor

Explainer Video Voice Over FAQs

What is a voice over explainer video?

A voice-over for an explainer video helps to explain ideas succinctly, in a way that’s easily understood. It can make complex content more accessible and engaging for the audience. It’s a helpful tool for businesses and creators to communicate their messages effectively.

How do you add voice to explainer video?

To incorporate a professional voice into your explainer video, start by crafting a clear script. It’s best to engage a professional voice over artist to record the script in their studio before finalising the visuals, so the voice over can set the pace.  Edit your visuals to the voice over in post-production.

How do you make an animation video with voice over?

When you’ve crafted the script and storyboard, it’s preferable to record the voice over before laying down the visuals. However, it can be done the other way around if necessary. Marry the two together during the post-production process to create an effective animation.

How do you do a voice over on video?

If you’d like to add a professional voice-over to your video, create a script and select a suitable voice artist. Once the voiceover has recorded in their studio and sent the files, edit your video to the voice over and integrate. Review the final product for a seamless blend of voice and visuals. If the visuals are already finalised, the voice over artist can voice to match the timings of the video and the video can be dubbed.

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