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Educate and inspire with a professional e-learning voice over

When you need to pass on essential information to your staff, clients, partners or the public, the most effective message will always be one that engages.

That’s why, as an award-winning English female e-learning voice over professional, I know that no matter how dry the subject matter, there’s always room for creativity. There’s always space for human emotion. And there’s always a need to inspire.

I have provided professional e-learning voice over services on topics as diverse as how to service an air conditioning system, safeguarding, pharmacogenetics and safety on board oil rigs, and have won several awards along the way. And while I am based in the UK, international brands like Ikea, BMW, KPMG and others come back to me time and again because they know I’ll always help them deliver training and onboarding videos that inspire and entertain, as well as educate.

So, whether your e-learning video requires straightforward narration, role play, or multiple character voices, I can help.

Want to hear more? Listen to some examples of my corporate, medical, commercial and character voice over work.

E-Learning Voiceover Showreel

E-Learning Voice Over Videos

Some of my E-learning video voice over clients

Sara was brilliant to work with – constant communication, brilliant delivery on the day and all turned around quickly and efficiently. The end product was superb. One of the best VO experiences I’ve had recently for sure and we’ll be using Sara again as soon as we can. Highly recommended to anyone requiring a voice over.

Ashley, North Film

Award Winning Voice Over Actor

E-Learning Voice Over FAQs

How much does elearning voice over cost?

The cost of e-learning voice-over varies, based on the length of the script, the amount of time it’ll take to record and edit, where it’s going to be used and for how long. E-learning is sometimes priced according to word count and prices vary and are sometimes scaled according to the size of the project. £0.20p per word is typical, with a minimum fee of around £200, but it’s best to contact your voice artist directly to discuss the details of the project.

How do I start learning voice over?

Research the industry, listen to professional voiceovers. Practice. Train with experts, hone your craft and work out where your strengths lie. When they think you’re ready, create a demo reel and invest in professional equipment. But remember, this is a highly competitive industry and it takes hard work and tenacity to succeed!

How can I learn voice over online?

Begin by exploring reputable platforms and forums.  Ask around and do your research. Find a course or a reputable coach. Listen to professional voice over artists. Practice regularly by reading scripts and recording your voice. Seek out online communities for advice.

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