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Powerful commercial voice overs for all platforms

Whether you need a commercial voice over for a TV or radio campaign, an instore or online advert, or a narration for Spotify or radio, I can help. I’m a UK-based English female commercial voice over pro, who specialises in helping brands captivate and inspire audiences, with stories designed to sell.

A perfectly pitched commercial can work wonders for brands, and I add heart and soul to bring your script to life in the most meaningful and memorable way possible. So, whether you want to reassure, inspire, inform, entertain or simply nudge your clients into action, your story is always safe in my hands.

From magical Christmas commercials for Mary Berry and reassuring adverts for the NHS to authoritative calls to action for the FSB, I’ve been helping brands to redefine their commercial messaging with professional voice overs for more than 30 years.

I provide regular commercial voice over services for Global, Bauer and radio stations across the UK, working remotely from my broadcast-quality studio to deliver pitch-perfect voice overs every time. Listen in or direct the recording over Source-Connect Standard, Cleanfeed, ipDTL or SessionLinkPRO, or simply send me the script and let this little bird fly.

Commercial Voiceover Showreel
Radio Commercial Voiceover Showreel

Commercial Voice Over Videos

Some of my commercial voice over clients

All signed off! The end client loved them. Thank you so much for your time, ultimate professional, had I known I would have just booked 30mins!

Cassie Johnson, TBWA

Award Winning Voice Over Actor

Naturally, I’m very responsive to direction, though equally happy to record without it. In fact, my VOX Award for Best Female Voice Over & my One Voice Award for Overall Best E-Learning Voice Over Performance, were for self-directed recordings.

Commercial Voice Over FAQs

What are the benefits to using a professional voice artist for a commercial voice over?

Choosing a professional voice artist for your commercial voice over has many advantages. Professionals bring expertise, versatility, an ability to take direction, or direct themselves. We pro’s understand how to interpret a script and deliver a performance that contributes to brand consistency and recognition, and connects with the audience on all levels. This ensures a high level of engagement for the campaign. You can expect high-quality recordings, efficiency, and adaptability, ensuring an engaging and effective message is delivered.

How much do commercial voice overs make?

The cost of a voice over for a commercial varies hugely, according to the experience of the voice over, the scope of the project, where it will be used – TV, radio, online etc, how many people are likely to see and hear it, and for how long. This work usually involves both a session fee (for the recording session) and a usage fee or licence to actually use the recording. Commercials for major brands, or high-profile campaigns generally have higher budgets.

What is a commercial voice over?

A commercial voice over is the spoken narration in a promotional message or advertisement. It’s the voice you hear delivering key information, setting the mood, and engaging the audience.  The tone and style of voice aligns with the marketing strategy to captivate the target audience. Commercial voice overs are used across various mediums, including TV, radio, online videos, and social media to effectively promote and market products and offers. You’ll find information about promo voice overs here.

How to do a voice over for an advert?

Ensure you understand the brief, brand and script and can voice it to time. Be prepared to offer different interpretations, varying pitch, pace and tone, according to what’s required. Remember that it’s not about you, it’s about the client and their audience.

How do you get into voicing commercials?

Hone your skills, practice, network, research. When you’re ready, create a demo reel with an industry expert, that shows variety and represents you and your voice. Send your reel to agents and potential clients. Audition for projects. If feedback is positive, consider investing in high quality recording equipment. Remember, this is a highly competitive area, so you’ll need to be resilient, consistent and persistent, too.

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