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Voice Over Services

Rest assured, your brand is in safe hands with me. I’m an award-winning British female voice over artist who has been helping clients connect with their audiences for more than 30 years. The chances are, you’ll have heard me somewhere before…

Commercial voice over demo reel
Corporate voice over demo reel

My voice over services include:

Working with an English female voiceover artist for the first time? Here are some helpful tips to make the process run smoothly

NB: Sara Starling does not consent to her creations, performances, voices and likeness being recorded, used and or reproduced, in any manner or form, for the purposes of digitisation, synthetisation or digital cloning with digital technologies, machine learning systems or equivalent technology present and future

Some of my clients

Award Winning Voice Over Actor

From her professionalism, responsiveness and kind demeanour, to her utterly unique and wonderful voice! She has taken any work I’ve sent her way and elevated it to amazing new heights, bringing character, authenticity and charisma to every read she provides. Sara puts the Star in Starling!

Rick Loynes, Bauer Media

Broadcast quality voice over studio

You needn’t worry about finding, organising and booking a recording space – I am fully set up with a broadcast-quality studio of my own here in the UK, and work remotely from there. If you’d like to direct the voice over, listen in, or need me to link up with another studio via Source-Connect Standard, Cleanfeed, SessionLinkPRO or ipDTL, I’ve got the technology to support that.

I’m sometimes asked to attend another studio in person, and that can always be arranged. But I’m equally happy to just crack on with bringing your story to life, and to send you clean and edited audio files when it’s finished.

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What is the process for working with me?

Send me an outline of your project – is it a commercial, corporate, explainer, e-learning, animation or something else? Tell me who it’s aimed at, where, how and for how long it’ll be used. If you have a script and music (if appropriate), even better! I’ll ask any relevant questions, then send a quote along with the necessary paperwork. If you need a brief, custom demo, I can provide that, too. When we’re all sorted, I’ll record in my studio, and if you choose to, you can listen in and direct. I’ll then send you the raw or edited audio. Simple!

What is it like working with me?

Easy! I’ve been voicing for a very long time, as you’ll see on my About page. So rest assured, you’re in safe hands. I’m swift, efficient, fun to work with, and in the words of my clients “a true professional”. Perhaps that’s why they keep coming back for more! You’ll find lots of testimonials here on my website, LinkedIn and Google.

When is the best time to bring in a voice over artist/ Voice actor?

Early in the process, if possible. If your video involves animation or requires specific timing, it’s best to record the voice over before the visuals, so the voice over can set the pace. That said, I’m used to turning things around quickly, so if it’s a last-minute job, or the video is already finalised, fret not, we can work with that. You can see examples of this sort of work on my corporate and explainer pages.

What are the benefits to using a voice over artist/ Voice actor?

A professional voice over / voice actor will be able to interpret and elevate your copy, talk to time, helping create trust, authority, brand recognition and loyalty, whether for a commercial, corporate, explainer or anything else. They’ll be able to connect on an emotional level with your audience and make them feel something – that’s where the magic lies and it’s the bit I love most. It’s an art and it’s what makes the work of a true professional stand out. A professional will be able to save you time and possibly money, too. Like me, many work from their own studio and have sound engineering skills, too.

What does a voice over artist do?

Generally speaking, voice over artists sell, advise, inform, educate and/or entertain across a range of media – TV, radio, online etc. The work covers everything from animation, commercials, e-learning, corporate narration and documentaries, to dubbing, gaming, voice of God announcements and more. It may involve a straight read, narration, character, accent etc. Amongst the skills required are an ability to maintain authenticity and clarity and believability, whilst reading to time. Key, is the ability to really connect with people.

What is the difference between a voice over artist and a voice actor?

These terms are often used interchangeably, so you could say none. A degree of acting is required for every job. But others will say voice actor applies specifically to those who are trained actors and to specific types of work. To save you scratching your head – I cover the lot, as you’ll hear on my character, accents and animation page.

What does a voice actor do?

A voice actor does the same work as a voice over artist, but some voice over artists don’t do the accents and character work that voice actors undertake – eg voicing characters for animations, video games, fiction audio books, audio and radio dramas.

Do you need a good voice to be a voice actor?

It’s not just about vocal qualities, it’s also about interpretation, emotional connection, sight reading, timing and a lot more besides.

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