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Beautiful human, it’s lovely to have your company!

As a thank you, here’s a little audio gift to make you smile.

An exclusive, as-yet unreleased episode of my comedy podcast Life’s a Gas.

This one’s a daft Dogologue, featuring a seemingly morose Yorkshire Terrier called Mitzy. Are you ready to embrace your inner woofer…?!

Voice over, life, and a matter of convenience - Neville Longbottom the studio dog

Life’s a Gas: Dogologue – Mitzy

You can hear more Dogologues, along with a whole string of fun human monologues on my podcast page. Episodes date back to lockdown, when writer Ben Ellis and I just wanted to raise a few smiles during those dark days.

The good news is, there’s not long to wait until this little bird’s annual festive feast for the ears hits your lugholes!

So, stand by for the Christmas edition of my Newsletter.

And of course, if you’d like to work with me in the meantime, you can find lots of sensible demos reels here and further information about services here. You can even have a nosey at my studio!

NB: Sara Starling does not consent to her creations, performances, voices and likeness being recorded, used and or reproduced, in any manner or form, for the purposes of digitisation, synthetisation or digital cloning with digital technologies, machine learning systems or equivalent technology present and future

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