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The studio has been my second home for nearly thirty years. But as with all things, it’s about balance.

Google the phrase ‘why being outdoors is good for you’ and you’ll find many different articles & scientific studies explaining just how it can help. Going for a walk in your local park, or even looking out of the window, can actually make you feel better. It can boost creativity & give you more energy than drinking a cup of coffee!

We are all bound by technology to a greater or lesser extent. It can do incredible things. My entire working life has been talking into microphones, pressing buttons and staring at screens. I love it! But I know that much of my creativity is fuelled by nature. To put it simply, it just makes me feel better.

Noticing the world around you (yes, we’re noticing again!), puts things in perspective. Your gremlin’s chatter may be loud whilst you’re attached to your phone or screen. (See last week’s post about Taming Your Gremlin, a book & technique created by Rick Carson). Perhaps you aren’t even aware of it? But take a walk & notice the trees, the colours, the wildlife. Pretty soon the chatter will quieten & the world will gain a new perspective. It puts things in proportion. You’re reminded that you’re one tiny part of a whole, an immense whole.

Last weekend, I hopped on a train & visited a beautiful little village in the middle of the Peak District. No phone signal, just fabulous scenery. There was a show on that day, incorporating falconry, sheep shearing, singing, crafts and for the brave – fell running. It felt like stepping back in time, in a good way! People were laughing, talking to each other, enjoying the scenery, the sights and the glorious weather. It was akin to finding a gem in a pile of stones.

So perhaps this week, look up from your phone or away from your computer a little more. Take a walk if you can. If, like me, you use your voice for a living, perhaps do your vocal exercises outside. Open up your airways by sniffing the flowers. Go somewhere you haven’t been before & keep on noticing.

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