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Urgent voice over needed, can you do a fast turnaround?

“Urgent voice over needed, can you do a fast turnaround?” Those words often appear in my inbox. If you’re in a panic, fret not, because the answer is usually yes, this little bird can work at whippet-like speed! How fast is a fast turnaround? Here’s an example, this was for…

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“How do I become a voice over?”

“How do I become a voice over?” I’m asked this a lot. Chances are, you’ve been told you have a lovely voice and you should be a voice over. What the heck do you do with that information? What’s your next step? These are questions I’m asked often, so I…

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Tips for working with your voice over artist.

Toast of London…been there! But I’ve also had sessions that run like a dream and I want you to enjoy that experience too. So, I’ve pulled together some tips for working with your voice over artist and getting the most out of your recording session:- 1. Send the script to…

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A Cracking Christmas Voice Over Thank You!

I’m siting here feeling immensely grateful to you for supporting me in all sorts of ways during 2023. It’s been quite a year, hasn’t it? Bumpy, seems to be a commonly used adjective. So, now’s the time I extend a big, fat, cracking Christmas voice over thank you! With an…

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Ever Heard a Starling with a Northern Accent?

An RP voice over bird with a Northern accent? Well, if you read my last blog and saw the animation for Whale & Dolphin Conservation, you’ll know that this little bird has more to her beak than meets the ears on first listen.

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Giving a voice to Whale and Dolphin Conservation – WDC

Do you have an affinity with a particular animal or species? For my friends Rob & Helen Bee, naturally, it’s bees! Smiles all round when I voiced an explainer animation for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. Me? I can’t honestly remember when my fascination with whales & dolphins began, but I…

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“Olive Is In!” Says This Little Voice Over Bird.

Olive is in? What does that even mean? How so? I mean, “Olive is in!”, little voice over bird? Can you explain? Of course, read on my friend, read on! It’s in your best interests, I promise, because I’m in the business of making your business memorable for all the…

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Spring Forth With Your Bird In The Voice Over Booth!

As we hurtle into Spring at a rate of knots, I remember the friend who said to me “You never look back. Do it – it can be useful – remind yourself of all the things you’ve done!” Well, I couldn’t have done them without you, lovely clients, could I?…

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A Brilliant Script, a Voice Over and A Horrible Mistake

It’s all Jeff Eaker’s fault. (If you’ve read my blogs over the last few months, you’ll know he’s a fabulous US copywriter.) He wrote a brilliant script. Well, how could this voice over possible resist A Horrible Mistake? We all make ’em, after all. What are you talking about little…

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Voice over, Compassion and a Radical Act

Woah, that’s quite a title – Voice over, compassion and a radical act! Where are we going with this? On a journey my friend… Let’s start with voice over, shall we? You, my beautiful clients, often hire me for those warm, compassionate reads. In the last few weeks & months,…

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