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“Urgent voice over needed, can you do a fast turnaround?” Those words often appear in my inbox. If you’re in a panic, fret not, because the answer is usually yes, this little bird can work at whippet-like speed!

How fast is a fast turnaround?

Here’s an example, this was for a radio commercial

Can you be a crazy old Northern lady?” asked the producer.

Before she drew breath, I’d replied.

“Aye, lass!”

Parts assembled,teeth in gear.

Five minutes later,

the recording session was in full flow.

Petticoats flyin’,Guffaws down the line.



projects move fast.

(Please don’t tell Neville Longbottom the studio dog that I’ve featured a cat in this blog!)

Some short, simple projects like on hold voice overs, I regularly turn around in ten minutes. I can hear you thinking “Well the quality must be pants!” but I can assure you, it isn’t. Some of the clients who require that sort of speed have been working with me for almost twenty years and they keep coming back. As per the example above, radio commercials are often a swift turnaround, too, whether it’s an “are you available today for a session?” or a self-record.

How do you deal with urgent voice over projects so quickly?

Experience. That’s the bottom line. Twenty years of it in live broadcasting – no time to faff about, it has to be right first time. Thirty five years in all, means an instinct for pace, pitch and tone is woven through my DNA. That saves you a lot of time. Though I never make assumptions, obviously. Because sometimes, all is not as it seems. Perhaps the style you want is in deliberate contrast to the copy? Or you want the voiceover to move at a particular pace to match the music, as with this classic commercial for Guinness. You can read a bit more about that brilliant advert in Surfer Today.

When is an urgent voice over really urgent?

Urgent means different things to different people, as does fast turnaround. It might literally mean now! It may mean within the hour, or that urgent voice over may be required by the end of the week. So, whether it’s a corporate, a line for an animation or an explainer, if you do need something swiftly, it’s useful to know what your deadline is. That way, this little bird can ensure it’s met or even exceeded, as is often the case.

Bottom line?

If you need a voice over urgently, don’t panic. Drop me a line or pick up the phone. As ever, I’ll not only do my best to not only accommodate your project, but I’ll make it a reassuringly calm process. You may even get a bit of extra time to deal with the million other things screaming for your attention! Yes, I really do enjoy making your life easier, they’re not just idle words.

You’ll find demos here if you fancy a rummage. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please yell, chances are I have an example in the vaults. If not, I can whip up a brief, custom demo in the flap of a Starling’s wing!


Thank you for reading, I look forward to working with you soon.

PS. Living with a whippet teaches you about speed, too – and theft. But that’s another story…!

Urgent voice over - Sara Starling talking to Neville Longbottom the studio dog.

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