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A Brilliant Script, a Voice Over and A Horrible Mistake

It’s all Jeff Eaker’s fault. (If you’ve read my blogs over the last few months, you’ll know he’s a fabulous US copywriter.) He wrote a brilliant script. Well, how could this voice over possible resist A Horrible Mistake? We all make ’em, after all. What are you talking about little…

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Figuring ‘It’ Out with Canny Copywriting and Voice Over.

We all have an It. It can vary from one day to the next. I’d never really thought about it, until I read Jeff Eaker’s Kingdom of Failure blog entitled It. But when I did, I realised that figuring it out with canny copywriting and voice over could be therapeutic,…

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The voice over that made a dream come true.

The voice over that made a dream come true? Have you lost the plot, little bird?! Well, it’s not every day that someone extends an invitation you can’t resist. It’s not every day that someone writes a blog about you. And it’s not every day that you send an audio…

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Meet Ben Ellis, writer of Life’s a Gas and more.

Wordsmith, creator of graphics & slave to the outrageously handsome dog, Bertie, I thought it was about time I introduced you to the lovely Ben Ellis, writer of Life’s a Gas & a raft other projects. He is a man of many talents! And he never fails to make me…

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The birth of a podcast: Life’s a Gas.

“A podcast? But there are so many of them!” That’s what I said to the lovely Helen Roscoe when she urged me to create one. “You could just read stories!” she said.  In fairness, a troop of people have been begging me to read bedtime stories & meditations for some…

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