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As we slide into November, I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of the lovely clients who’ve trusted me to voice for their clients & brands during October 2021.

I often do this on social media in a fleeting post, but it’s about time I did it here, too! Forgive me for not listing every single client, but here’s a selection:

  • PepsiCo

  • Ocado

  • Ericsson

  • Roche

  • Standard Chartered Bank

  • Saipem

  • The Access Group

  • Global

  • Robiquity

  • Camozzi

  • Nutrigums

  • Parkdean Resorts

The majority of are returning clients, which is lovely! But there have also been some wonderful new voice over clients, too. Together, we’ve motivated your staff, explained how your products work, taught your clients about systems & processes & told the world about your brilliant brand online, on air and even on hold!

Where can you see my work?

I share the work I’m able to on my YouTube channel & social media. Inevitably, some of the projects I voice are bound up with NDA’s, or for internal use only, so I’m unable to share them. I wish I could because some of those scripts are beautifully creative. As I often say, nothing has to be boring!

But I can share with you some of the work I’ve been doing for Nutrigums, a start-up company that’s really going places. In fact, they’re already making a splash in our supermarkets here in the UK.

Making a splash!

You may or may not remember that defibrillators hit the headlines in the Summer. I just happen to be the voice of a defibrillator & that particular brand was demonstrated live on BBC Breakfast following a major incident on the football pitch. My local community also happened to be raising funds for a defib for the local park, so I did what I could to help. Next thing I know, I’m chatting to a local journalist & making a splash of my own in October! Life is full of surprises…..

Thank you!

So thank you to all my clients, both returning & new, it’s a joy working with you all. Without you? I’d be a mad little bird, murmurating to herself in a small padded room!

Wishing you an invigoratingly crisp & crackingly creative November! I look forward to working with you as we slip into Winter.

And if we haven’t worked together yet, hop over to hear reels. And if you think I could be the perfect voice for your next project, drop me an email or pick up the phone & let’s chat! I’d love to help.

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