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I’d love you to join me on this magical flight through life. I’ll be sharing recommendations, snippets of wisdom and bits of work along the way.

Imperfect, perfect life – be more tree.
Stand tall & wave your branches,
Feel the wind in your hair,
Let your leaves blow free.
Dance to the colours
Of the seasons.
This is life.
This is me!

Feeling disconnected? Facing a dilemma? Or, like me, talking to yourself in a padded cell for much of the time? Then keep an eye out for Street Wisdom in your local area. Or why not run a session yourself?!
Beautifully simple, loosely structured,  wandering & wondering. Marvel as life slows down, unexpected answers seep in through the cracks & you see the world in a new light.
The session I attended recently is still percolating, weaving a silken thread of calm as it trickles through.

During the week following the Street Wisdom exercise, I took a little break from the voice over booth and returned to the local park. I made myself walk slowly, noticing the beauty of the patterns in the huge variety of tree bark. When time feels as though it’s speeding up & there’s too much to do, taking a counter-intuitive approach can restore your joie de vivre, your creativity, & ground you in the only thing we really have – the present.

My little amble inspired a poetic ramble or two. I wonder where yours might lead?

Wishing you a wonderful week, peppered with moments of calm & creativity.

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