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Toot toot! All change please!

Many of us loathe change.
But here’s the funny thing….The holiday season is upon us & if we’re lucky enough to be able to go on vacation, that’s a big change, albeit temporary! “A change is as good as a rest”, as the saying goes.
You could argue that you’re in control of that sort of change. We’ll, yes & no. When you stop to think about it, we actually have control over very little in this life!

Change is inevitable & often good. Seasons change. Yet still the flowers return to show off their blooms to the sun. Last winter, many of the plants in the garden looked as though they’d given up the ghost! The burns from snow & ice were severe. But lo,there spirits were not dimmed & they returned to bloom again.

This voice over was lucky enough to have a fabulously sunny break in delightful Devon. Oh how I love the coast!
That change of scene, pace, demands, was very welcome & absolutely necessary! Ok, so I’ve been working my larynx off, playing catch-up all week! But that’s a good thing. Thank you to all the lovely clients who waited patiently for my return.  I have vowed not to leave it another eight years before taking a fortnight off!
That will most definitely be a change for the better.

So this week, may I suggest you just notice your reactions to change, however small those changes may be. Awareness is more powerful than you might think. With noticing, comes the ability to make choices.
I’ll be talking about this again in more detail in a future post. Watch this space!

Have a blooming marvellous week.

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