Merry Christmas from the voice over booth at Starling’s Nest!

As the Christmas wind-down begins in earnest, it's time to pause, reflect and say thank you!

Merry Christmas from the voice over booth - Sara Starling voice over 2021Dear lovely clients, once again, I must thank you for trusting me to voice your scripts this year. It's always an honour & a privilege, whether it's a massive campaign or a tiny one, an ongoing project or a one-off. I value, treasure & appreciate each & every one of you.  Yes, even on those tearing-out-your-hair kind of days, when everything lands at once & is needed yesterday! Because, without you? I'd simply be talking to myself.

From PepsiCo to SanPellegrino, AstraZeneca to Pfizer & the NHS to name just five of the huge flock of you beautiful clients who've landed, virtually, in the voice over booth - thank you.

I know it's been another difficult year for many & that once again, plans are having to change as Covid makes its presence felt once again. Lots of people will be having to isolate over the festive period & of course some will be working (including members of my family). But as much as humanly possible, I choose to focus on the positives. On the twinkly lights, on the beginning of longer days, on friendships made & cemented, walks taken, views enjoyed, hugs truly felt. Thanks to you, I've also been able to support three very worthy charities this Christmas, The Wellspring, DEC & Children in Need

My last working day will be December 22nd & I'll be back in the studio on January 4th.

You know me, I always like to leave you laughing - remember last year?! So, as is the tradition, here's a little festive something to make you chuckle. Written & voiced by this little voice over bird, with sound design & mix by the man of the nest, Leon Ford and quality checked, of course, by none other than Posie the studio dog! Listen in stereo for the full effect!

And if that isn't enough, the brilliant Ben Ellis & I have created a festive podcast episode for you. This time it's not a monologue, but a dinky little Dogologue to tickle your ears! So, if you're feeling a bit bah humbug, hop over here for a chuckle.

Wishing you as magical a Christmas as you can muster & a happy, healthy New Year. I look forward to working with you in 2022! Merry Christmas from the voice over booth - Posie the studio dog complete with crown


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