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I’d love you to join me on this magical flight through life. I’ll be sharing recommendations, snippets of wisdom and bits of work along the way.

It’s that time of year when I step away from the voiceover booth & the baubles for a moment to say: A fabulously festive voice over thank you! To you and all of my wonderful clients and fellow humans who’ve supported me over the last year, I really am most grateful.

A wise friend told me that I spend too much time in the present & looking forwards & that it’s important to look back, too. So, with that in mind…

I bring you a few festive voice over crackers from 2022:

Festive voice over thank you - Father Christmas Crackers, by Annie Spratt

A magical TV commercial for Twycross Zoo

Festive voice over thank you - Christmas crackers by Nick Fewings

A wry, dry promo for Netflix series Vikings Valhalla.

Festive voice over crackers by Brett Jordan

A series of ballsy, online commercials for fintech Riverty, including this one.

Festive voice over crackers 2022 - by Brett Jordan

Radio commercials galore, including this one, for We Are Curves & real women!

We Are Curves – Real Women radio commercial
Festive voice over thank you - Father Christmas Crackers, by Annie Spratt

Explainer videos & explainer animations in abundance!

I’m including this one for Shropshire Wildlife Trust here, not least because Christmas can be lonely for some people, and as a Starling, I can tell you that those birds definitely need feeding!

Festive voice over thank you - Christmas crackers by Nick Fewings

But that’s not all…

Because of course, there have been product videos, a little turn as Madame Dragon for Zog live, e-learning on a vast range of topics, from incredibly dense medical narration, to financial, healthcare, pharma & software stuff. Not to mention a script on relationship building that had me beaming from ear to ear when it landed. Why? Because, as you know, I talk about human connection all the time! It was simply meant to be.

And I couldn’t let the year pass without being grateful fur a new collaboration and friendship with the fabulous copywriter across the pond, Jeff Eaker. It’s been an honour and a joy to be a part of his Kingdom of Failure. There’s more in the pipeline, too. And if you’d rather just wrap your ears around some audio? Here’s one of Jeff’s soothing tales, ready by yours truly & mixed by the man of the nest, Leon Ford. There’ll be a blog about our next collaboration in the New Year.

Festive voice over crackers by Brett Jordan

So, to the festive season!

I know Christmas isn’t always as we’d like it to be. So, if it’s a difficult time for you, I’m sending you a massive virtual hug. And I’m also putting my money where my mouth is as always, & supporting a fabulous local charity that helps those who are vulnerable & homeless. I’ll also be doing my bit for the planet, by supporting the Whale & Dolphin Conservation over the next year, with some pro bono work. I love those creatures!

And on a sad note, this was the year when Posie, the studio dog crossed the rainbow bridge. We will continue to love her until the end of our days, she was the most beautiful, funny, gentle soul. But you know what they say, your previous dog or cat sends you your next. And so, we welcome naughty Neville, sent rather sooner than expected! He’s not currently allowed in the studio, because at the moment, he’s rather fond of chewing cables!

Voice over Christmas thank you - Sara Starling voice over with Neville the trainee studio dog

However & wherever you spend it, I really do wish you a joyful, magical Christmas, filled with love, warmth, health and happiness.

And of course, this blog wouldn’t be complete without my traditionally daft audio Christmas card, would it? Festive voice over nonsense, ahoy!

Of course not! Just as I do every year, this little bird set to work on a script a little while ago. This year’s silliness is inspired by Christmas songs. I’ve managed to hide quite a few in this crazy little number! I even recorded the humming & whistling as well as they voices. All mixed to mad perfection, as ever, by the man of the nest, Leon ford, on a rare day off from the BBC. I wonder how many of those songs you can spot?

Thank you for all your support, I look forward to working with you and accompanying you as we dance around the sun in 2023!

As ever, if I can help with your next project, I’ll be delighted to oblige. You’ll find demos right here.

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