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I’d love you to join me on this magical flight through life. I’ll be sharing recommendations, snippets of wisdom and bits of work along the way.

Genuine human voice over with soul, would like to meet clients seeking same.

Genuine human voice over with soul-Sara Starling. Heart by Nicola Fioravanti

Those looking for AI need not apply. This is exclusively for the bold, the courageous, wild, warm-hearted people-lovers who like to work with real humans – and in real time if you fancy! Let’s live dangerously, eh?


This little bird is for you if you appreciate:

  • Good sense of humour complete with impeccable comic timing. It’s impossible to murmurate without it!
  • Passion. Unless you want straight of course, in which case, I’ll slip on my sensible shoes.
  • Wondrous warmth. I’ll be cool when I’m dead.
  • Courtesy. I’m old fashioned like that.
  • Magical edge This little bird is often told she’s magical. She comes with examples for doubters.
  • Mischief – only when appropriate, obvs.
  • Compassion. The world needs as much of this as it can get.
  • Trustworthiness. Oh yes, this little bird is the keeper of many a secret.


  • Dark chocolate – for health reasons, obvs, just think of all those polyphenols!
  • Dogs – a studio just doesn’t feel right without one.
  • Rambling walks in the countryside (when I’m not murmurating).
  • A ruddy good laugh.
  • Meditation. Well, we humans need to defrag too, it’s not just the AI bots!
  • Passionate creatives on a mission, with or without dogs. Dark chocolate a bonus.
  • Courageous scripts, be they funny, dramatic or just darned clever.
  • Collaboration. Yeah, I wanna make you look & feel fantastic!


It’s not the done thing to parade your exes, but hey, it feels good to rebel sometimes, doesn’t it? So, if you’re interested, you’ll find them all over my website. How rash! For the short, sharp, selly types, take a peek at the commercial dudes. For the more straightforward, but no less passionate, these are the corporate fellas. And yes, there are plenty of others…Oh…really? Are you sure? You want the real characters? OK!

Feeling jealous of this genuine human voice over’s exes?

Let’s shove that green-eyed monster back in its box, there’s really no need for him to make an appearance. Just drop me a line and let’s hook up, simple. Yep, we can do that live, on the line. No tapping nonsense into a computer – a real life human to talk to! Which also means you get another pair of eyes on the script & if it’s over or under written, we can do something about it on the spot.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Here’s to HI – Human Intelligence!

With love,

Your very own bird in the booth.x

PS. To all my exes (who aren’t really exes at all, because we all still love each other & hook up when there’s work to be done) – I bloody love you!

Genuine human voice over, Sara Starling, lipstick kiss by Etienne Girardet

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