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Dogs, voice over clients and waggy tails

What the heck do dogs & voice over clients  have in common?!  Dogs voice over clients & waggy tails? Well, I am writing this on International Dog Day! Yep. The bottom line, is that we all enjoy working with lovely people! It makes all the difference. Dogs don’t ask for…

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What’s football got to do with being a voice over artist?

I never thought I’d be typing the words ‘what’s football got to do with being a voice over artist’. And I certainly didn’t think I’d be typing them several times over. But it’s been one of those days and I managed to delete the entire blog that I drafted on…

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A Life-Saving Voice

You’ll often hear me saying that my work is all about human connection. Being the voice` of a defibrillator is just one of the reasons why I also always say that it’s never ‘just talking’. A voice really does have the power to save lives… A few years ago, a…

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Voice over is just talking, isn’t it?!

“The script is around six or seven minutes long, so it’ll only take you ten minutes to record the voice over…” “Erm…it won’t actually…” “How come? Joan in accounts has it all figured out!” Ok, allow me to give you a quick overview of what goes into your project, before…

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Meet Ben Ellis, writer of Life’s a Gas and more.

Wordsmith, creator of graphics & slave to the outrageously handsome dog, Bertie, I thought it was about time I introduced you to the lovely Ben Ellis, writer of Life’s a Gas & a raft other projects. He is a man of many talents! And he never fails to make me…

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The birth of a podcast: Life’s a Gas.

“A podcast? But there are so many of them!” That’s what I said to the lovely Helen Roscoe when she urged me to create one. “You could just read stories!” she said.  In fairness, a troop of people have been begging me to read bedtime stories & meditations for some…

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Voiceover work & human connection in practice – a case study.

There are two things that you will hear me talk about often, the first is how my voiceover work is all about human connection and the second is that it’s never ‘just talking’. So, I thought I’d give you a behind the scenes peek into one specific project & client…

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Voice over, human connection & community, featuring Karen Webber of Goodness Marketing

“I think for me community is about playing an active part in the world around you. There is a great quote that is attributed to various people that goes: “I always thought: ‘Somebody should do something about that.’ And then I realised that I am somebody.”” Karen Webber – Goodness Marketing.

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Voice over, human connection & community. I talk to Sarah Hodgetts, filmmaker.

“Community is a bit of a garden;
a tiny seed of an idea can just balloon if you have the right people around you to help it grow.”

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